Lorelei Lee, Harmony and Annie Cruz

It has been 2 years since Princess Donna last subbed on camera. For 2 years members have been begging to see her bound, shocked, and made to cum. Finally, after 2 years, the moment you have been waiting for is here.
Princess Donna gets tied up by bondage master Lew Reubens and takes a dose of her own medicine at the hands of 3 of her favorite subs Lorelei, Harmony, and Annie Cruz. If you aren’t a member yet, join now!! You don’t want to miss this update!!

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Bunnys Electro Torture

Electro BDSM for pleasure and pain. Amateur slave Bunny electro tortured with cattle prods at ShadowSlaves.com

Colorful, bubbly, bunny is dragged into the cold clammy cellar by her hair. Magick rains down slaps to her face and body, and manhandles her, tearing her panties into her cunt, and her garments from her body. A cane is employed to stripe her whole body, her nipples are twisted and torn, and punches hammer into her belly. set up up by her hair, and gagged with the tatters of her underclothes, a thorough, full body piece of work is run, amidst constant, never-ending face slaps. Bulldog clips bite into her nipples and nose because the beating continues, and eventually bite deep and directly into her button as one tail whip replaces the cane.

Full Length BDSM Movie at Shadow Slaves

A cows prod is employed to deliver powerful electrical shocks to her body, associated an electrical arc lighter burns away her bush, whereas delivering additional sharp shocks, till she is created to carry open her cunt to receive the prod directly within her most delicate flesh. Finally, a significant cattle wheedler is employed to deliver continuous shocks across her flesh and into her cunt, before a belt is employed to beat it till she orgasms.

Thumbtacks are scattered on the cold stone floor, and bunny is thrown down face 1st, her flesh ground into the tacks and therefore the dirt, as she is whipped, rolled on the tacks and trodden. She is kicked repeatedly within the cunt, and created to coming over and once more as she squirms within the tacks and dirt. Finally thumbtacks are ground directly into her sopping cunt, and she or he is left during a heap, to ponder her new life as a ShadowSlave.


Melanies Electro BDSM

Huge-breasted German porno star, Melanie moon, is introduced to the ShadowSlaves stable by MRK. bound in place, he warms her up with electrical shocks from an amber wand, sparking across her whole body, then orientating in on her nipples and cunt, surprising her clitoris and even within her wet hole. The stakes are raised, once he introduces the cattleprod, surprising her at the same time with prod and wand, till we tend to see our initial tears.

Full Length BDSM Film at ShadowSlaves.com

Her tongue is crushed with a wood press, and he or she is created to kneel before him, whereas he burns her tongue and fills her mouth with hot candle wax.

Strapped to a bench, MRK calls within the facilitate of Owen G, to lick her cunt whereas her nipples are stretched with cruel clamps, and also the electrical shocks resume. fitly ready, her cunt is stretched and secured open with vicious clamps, and he or she is throat fucked, whereas her tender cunt-meat is burned with wax. Finally, released, she is allowed to kneel before Owen and gag on his cock, whereas being ill-treated within the face for any sign of distraction from the wand, secured in her raw, burnt cunt.



Medical Testing

In this fantasy update Maitresse Madeline and Ashley Fires play two sexy doctors testing out drugs to heighten the female orgasm. Micah Moore is a student who needs extra cash, and volunteers for the experiments without realizing what she is getting herself into. She wakes up strapped to the gyno table where her pussy is stretched wide with a speculum, and shocked from the inside with the violet wand. She is then fisted, spanked, strap-on fucked, and made to lick pussy. She cums so many times even the doctors lose count, but is it the medicine or the two hot doctors? I guess we’ll never know!

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The Night Staff

When Nicotine’s husband comes to visit her in the mental ward, he is distressed to hear that her condition hasn’t improved at all. In fact, it seems to have gotten much worse as she tells him of her delusions of being abused and experimented on by the night staff of the hospital. Little does he know that his wife is not delusional at all, and as soon as he leaves she will fucked and tormented with all kinds of crazy electrical toys!!!

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The Maid

Madeline suspects that her maid is stealing from her, so she stashes a hidden camera in her apartment to catch her in the act. When Madeline’s suspicions are confirmed she is very unhappy and makes her maid pay the price in every way imaginable, with her ass, pussy, mouth, and mind! Great roleplay update not to be missed!

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Classic Archive Feature: Wiredpussy LIVE!!!!

This week I present to you a very special Wiredpussy Production, the first ever Kink.com Live Audience Shoot! Have you ever wished that you could be in the room while Princess Donna ties up, dominates and strap-on fucks a model? Have you ever wished that you could run up and spit in a models face yourself? Feel the inside of her ass? Get her to lick your boot clean, or play with your cock? Well, for 30 lucky people those dreams became a reality. Delilah Strong is shocked, fucked, and humiliated in front of their very eyes, and if they want to join in, all they have to do is ask!!!
This is the only place on the web you can see Delilah Strong tied up and humiliated in front of a live audience! If you haven’t joined Wiredpussy yet, do it now!

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Two of the hottest and toughest porn stars team up for one explosive update!!!!

Ariel X and Jade Indica are two of the toughest and sexiest models around, so Princess Donna gives them no mercy in an all out lesbian BDSM fest. They undress while kneeling on rice, are made to kiss, lick, and fuck each others holes, get whipped with the cat-o-nine tails, shocked with the cattle prod and left to suffer in difficult predicament bondage. All the pain these two sluts endure only adds to the intensity of their orgasms which just keeps cumming and cumming…..

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Damsel in Distress

Christina Carter likes to play the damsel in distress, but what happens when she stops acting and is actually in distress? Can she handle the sting of the electricity as it is turned up on her nipples? Can she stop the orgasms that are ripped out of her by a strong vibrator and fucking machine? What will she do when she isn’t just playing the damsel but is actually bound, helpless, and fucked. Find out inside.

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