Jannas Cattle Prod BDSM

Amateur slave Jannas electro bdsm nightmare and cattle prod torture in private english dungeon of busty british submissive. Slave girl Janna is tied up on the bondage bench with her hands and feet cuffed and leather strapped in position. The private painslut is mercilessly tortured to tears using the cruel electro bdsm toy the cattle prod in the ShadowSlaves.com dungeon which delivers pure hell pain in sharp lasting electric shocks


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Janna pulls on her chains, screams in agony and begs her master for mercy, but the cattle prod torture of the private female slave continues.


Extreme cattle prod electro bdsm and hellish pain for restrained amateur submissive Janna in the english dungeon. Put in firm bondage on the punishment bench she suffers cruel electro shocks to her entire body as she starts to cry and tears keep flowing down her face. The bondage furniture and chained leather cuffs keep the british slavegirl in position during her nightmarish electric torture session. She can only beg. Cry. Suffer. Scream. To no avail. The sadist has her body under his full control. He is determined to aim for maximum pain by Shadowslaves.com

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Amateur Slave Jannas Electro Torture

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